Employment Rules And Instructions

By filling out and submitting an application, you agree to the following:
  • I certify that my answers are true and complete to the best of my knowledge.

  • If this application leads to employment, I understand that false or misleading information in my application or interview may result in my release. I have read and agree to the following rules.

  • All injuries must be reported to supervisor immediately & to our office within 24 hours of injury.

  • No Call No Show will result in termination.

  • Employees must call off 6 hours before shift.

  • If you do not fully complete an assignment or exit an assignment without two week notification you will be automatically terminated.

  • If your assignment ends you are required to contact our office each Friday for available work or additional assignments in order to remain an active employee.

  • Conduct that will result in termination: Drug use, Sexual Harassment, Poor Attendance (missing more than 1 day a week in the first 4 weeks), Poor work performance, unprofessional & inappropriate behavior, Tardiness in excess of 5 times in a two month period.

  • All pay rates are minimum wage plus attendance bonus to reach the rate advertised rate for the position applied for. Job Abandonment, Walk offs, Property Damage will result in a reduction from the advertised rate to minimum wage.

  • Checks are mailed weekly from the US Post Office, Once the check gets put into the US Government run postal service we have no control over it. The US Postal Service does not guarantee deliver of First Class Mail with in a specific time period. In the event your check gets lost by the USPS our checks have a 30 day void policy that must be followed. We DO NOT REISSUE OR STOP PAYMENT ON CHECKS LOST IN THE MAIL UNTIL 30 DAYS EXPIRE.

  • Failure of a random Drug Screen will result in termination.

  • I agree that I have received a copy of the Workers Compensation Information supplied by Commercial Employees.

  • I understand that I am subject to random drug screens and will be terminated if I fail one.

  • I agree and understand that I am registering with a temporary staffing firm and that it is my responsibility to contact Commercial Employees on a weekly basis to obtain employment in the event my assignment ends. I also agree to keep my contact information current with Commercial Employees so they may contact me for available work.

  • We offer direct deposit in an effort to control USPS errors and misdirection, please ask your representative for a form.

Release Of Medical Information Section

In the event of a work related injury I agree to allow the medical facility or medical facilities to release information (specific to my treatment) to Commercial Employees Inc.